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History, Adventure, Romance

About the Author

Arlington Nuetzel is an instructor of writing, musician and photographer and lives in the Missouri Ozarks and the Arkansas Delta with his muse and editor, novelist Georgia Henry and their exotic white Collie dog, Hero. He is also a longtime breeder and trainer of horses and dogs. Arlington (KF5BMJ) and Georgia (KF5BMK) are licensed technician level ham radio operators and NOAA certified storm spotters. They work closely with local emergency management agencies where his expertise in earthquake preparedness and recovery is in high demand.

Arlington's fascination with the New Madrid Seismic Zone began as a young boy. His father, a cardiologist and storm chaser, would take him in the middle of the night to sites of tornado damage, airplane crashes or to Sunday open houses where they would inspect the houses for earthquake damage.

Nuetzel is also the author of the Steven Burr Adventures The Low January Sun, Murder in March Commons, the historical thriller, 2027, New Madrid, Missouri and the techno-thriller, Telephoto. He is the author of a collection of short stories, The Bower Bird and Other Stories. He has also written a poignant memoir, Remembering Arlie. Nuetzel enjoys hearing from his readers, earthquake mavens, lovers of the Blues and car collectors, emergency responders and fans of the men's adventure genre through his marketing site and at his Facebook fan site or via the guest book on the upper left.

Arlington Nuetzel is a founding member of the Independent Authors Guild and is proud to donate his books free of charge to Bookshare for publication and distribution to the blind.

A new book tour schedule is being put together for Fall 2014 and will be posted here soon.

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