Arlington Nuetzel

History, Adventure, Romance


My new departure novel, Telephoto, has just been released. I am personally thrilled. The cover art is a knockout.

I say new departure because this book represents yet another idle wandering from my core genre, which has been men's adventure. Telephoto is a techno-thriller, it is as scary as it is moving. The sub-themes are family conflict and a father's love for his little girl, yes, and his son. I mix the world's newest technology with the world's oldest beliefs and terrors. It should have a universal appeal. It moves both me and my editor. The tale is based on a short story from The Bower Bird Collection but I had to change it a lot to work it into a novella length book.

is available direct from and will be available in your independent bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in popular e-book editions soon. The book trailer is on, just search Arlington Nuetzel.

 I'm well started on a biography titled Remembering Arlie and when that's finished I'll go play with Steven Burr and his friends again for a while. Let me know what you like best. It might guide my hand.

And thanks for your messages of support.

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