Arlington Nuetzel

History, Adventure, Romance

"I don't suppose that you have a little Jack Daniel's and nutmeg to dress that up a bit."

Following a clandestine gig with the Special Forces in Southeast Asia, the affable Steven Burr and his cadre of unlikely friends confront grand larceny, wire fraud, blackmail, kidnapping and murder in the seamy underbelly of Detroit.

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Add On

            A professor's beautiful wife is dying a slow and miserable death. A brazen cat burglar is terrorizing a small university town. An auto executive's sailboat disappears mysteriously on Lake Huron. A chemistry student will stop at absolutely nothing to secure her passing grade.


            When supermodel Lila Docker becomes an unwitting victim, the affable Steven Burr rallies his unlikely cadre of acquaintances to connect the dots and to bring the criminals to justice, with potentially disastrous results.

            Available in hard cover, trade paperback or large print edition. Also available on Google books, Mobipocket or Kindle.

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"Arlington Nuetzel's characters jump out of the page and become your friends. His books are simply a joy to read."


                                                         Georgia Henry, Novelist



"No matter what subject matter Nuetzel explores, his style is easy to read, highly visual and entertaining. You won't be disappointed."


                                                          Mac Macoy, Ghostwriter

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