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About The Bower Bird and Other Stories

"This is the longest story I have published here, but I was reluctant to break it into two pieces... it's a well-crafted, emotionally charged piece with unique flow, it had to be told as it was written, not broken.... A very strong story that I was proud to have submitted for this interested and diverse project. Thank you again, John."

         Emmanuella Peris, Random Acts of Sex and Romance, Rome, Italy

"I really like the way this story builds. It brings you to so many detailed places and in an often jarring yet rhythmic way - like a song itself. And the stillness of the end brought tears to my eyes. Sort of speaks to commonality of humanity yet loneliness of being"

                                         Anonymous (Unfortunately, but very sweet just the same)


About The Low January Sun

"His memorable and important characters, torn by psychology, will leave you feeling excited and upbeat. This is a real page turner."

                                                    RW Book Review


"Nuetzel's finely crafted characters are people I would like to know. He lets us share their thoughts, fears and foibles while making them completely believable and vulnerable human beings."


                                                    Fumio Kawashima


"I read it all in one sitting."

                                                    Cheryl McCann


"With Arlington Nuetzel's involvement, our state will be a better place."


                                                     The Hon. Jesse and Terry Ventura

                                                     Former Governor and First Lady of Minnesota


About Telephoto

"His family is threatened and a father seeks to restore the bonds that have been lost, 'Telephoto' is a strong pick for general fiction collections, very much recommended."

                                          MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"You have to open your heart to this work for seeing the bigger picture in the story. Look over your shoulder and see the mixture of events. See into the otherworldly pictures, the sounds and the colours.

All in all, I actually couldn’t put this book down, I had to read on, I needed to know what it was all about.
It is a strange tale but it is very well written." (Later) "Telephoto is a great book. Read it!"

                                           Gisela Setlmayer, Gold Coast, Queensland author of TALON, Come Fly With Me

"The Brothers Grimm would have loved this story. Fantasy with a lot of evil mixed in and a surprise at the end to top it all off"

                                                       Anna Shaw, author of Warning, a Bonnie Moss Journalistic Adventure

"An Intelligent Read. Telephoto is a highbrow, intelligent novel. It will keep you on your toes and your thinking cap on."         

                                                       Andrea St. James, West Palm Beach, Florida

                                                       Author of Bilbao Beetle Learns to Share


About 2027, New Madrid, Missouri

"Nuetzel's forte is in his descriptions of the disasters from the perspectives of his characters. His peripheral characters will delight you. His illustration of the Chickasaw Tribe is loving and true to history, a real positive."

                                                   Nan Hawthorn, Author of  An Involuntary King,

                                                   A Tale of Anglo Saxon England

"2027 New Madrid is a fancifully entertaining projection of what has been and could be soon in our world of cataclysm and projected disasters.  Its scenario starts  James Michener style with prehistoric mastodons and then folds out into a 19th c. backdrop of interwoven story lines. Colorful personalities dominate and confront the Missouri landscape in its change of townships,  classes and cultures:  Pirates, half-casts, French parlays,  entrepreneurs of devious daring, dashing young shyster meets river swimming maiden in distress, the town idiot/prophet, not to mention the ominous riot of pre-earthquake evacuees in the form of hordes of panic-stricken ground squirrels.

"With historical reflection and not too much hefty self-seriousness, Nuetzel weaves his tale for an audience that enjoys spoofs, proofs, valor, local color and accent, eau d’rigor of gentry combating the criminal river barons and keeping reins on a newly tamed wilderness. Not a Western shoot up, but a quick float up and down the cultures of the Mississippi valley, which poses a scenario of natural consequence wreaking disaster on a few chosen lives we are just visiting. The philosophy of human existence and all its foibles against the flow of time. River people riveted by the unexpected, which the author continues to foreground throughout the natural world backdrop so that his characters’ inevitable tragedies are not so alien from our own."

Well, take a peek at your rich gumbo soil.
Hope it grows nice okra.
Enjoyed hoeing in it and setting up a row or two.
Good work, and sorry for Sarah and Cletus and son.

                             Mignon Farr, Novelist and Poet, Author of Tales Fat and Thin,

                             A Stranger to my Father's Sons and As Runs the Deer.

(Ed. note: I have never heard or seen a poem written about a novel by a reviewer. I am deeply touched.)


"Just Pray that his Prediction is 200 Years Too Soon"



"You will tear through this book in one or two sittings. Arlington Nuetzel spins a stunning narrative around the earthquakes that devastated the American Midwest in 1811 and changed the course of the Mississippi River. His colorful characters are historical as well as fictional, which adds an additional sense of authenticity to the story. Nuetzel has done considerable research into the people he portrays, and especially into the horrific events that took place. His interplay between "the good guys and the bad guys," and how their lives were destroyed or forever altered by these cataclysmic events, is a very entertaining read; and yet, an unsettling one, because the scientific community knows for a fact that this horror will definitely come again... perhaps as soon as 2027".



"Misleading Title, Should have been 1812" ( I disagree. Ed.)

By SEMO Bookfan


"First off, this is a great fictional account of a small family pulling together to survive in the pioneer wilderness of New Madrid, MO. For that, I give it 5 stars. Seriously, this book could well become a motion picture."

"Nuetzel did a masterful job in creating this work. You must buy this book."

                                                  Steven A. Knutson, Author of Confessions from the Last Frontier and It Takes One to Catch One

"Historically accurate to the letter. The author did his research on this one."

                                                   Disaster Pat, Novelist




About Murder in March Commons

"March Commons is a great novel. Nuetzel has written a wonderful page turner with very believable characters. I could not help but laugh at the antics of Wallace throughout the story. I recommend this five star novel."

                                       Glenda Davis, Author of Force Recon: Eagle and Paul's Teacher

"Arlington Nuetzel is a graceful and inspiring writer."

                                           Jerry Bolton, Author of Rank Stranger, Misdemeanors and Felonies  Write to Murder and My Mother's Revenge.


"Nuetzel's characters jump out of the page and become your friends. His books are simply a joy to read."


                                                Georgia Henry, Novelist


"No matter what subject matter Nuetzel explores, his style is easy to read, highly visual and entertaining. You won't be disappointed."


                                                Mac Macoy, Author

"March Commons is well written. With each chapter comes a new chapter in a group of characters lives. This kept me entertained and wanting more. I plan to read Arlington's other books."

                                                 Meghan M. Bartz, Author of A Conquest of Knowledge: St. Augustine by Train


"A great author, a great friend."

                                                Jonathan Miller, Author of Volcano Verdict

                                                La Bajada Lawyer and Crater County

"Nuetzel's advice to writers is some of the best I've ever heard."

                         Shannon Nicole Wells Author of Wild Heart and Gold: A Tall Tale

Remembering Arlie

"Arlington Nuetzel is a great Mississippi County author whose novels and short stories are beautifully written, emotionally charged and will keep your attention from start to finish. Everything he publishes is a must read!"

                        Chris Crawley, General Partner, That Bookstore in Blytheville (Incidentally, the birthplace of the writing career of John Grisham.)

"You must meet Arlington Nuetzel at his next appearance. He is the Arkansas Delta's most prolific author."

                  Pat Ivey, book critic and columnist at the Blytheville Courier News

"We've all heard that "good things come in small packages."

Written in a breezy, conversational style, Remembering Arlie evokes an American way of life that no longer exists.

Perhaps the author of this delightful book best sums it up when he says: Remembering Arlie..."will reinforce your belief in the American Dream." Nuetzel further states that this book is ..." an intimate glimpse at a principled and talented "can do" individual...." I would agree. "

Terry Baker Mulligan author of:    Sugar Hill, Where the Sun Rose over Harlem and Afterlife in Harlem: A Novel of Redemption

(Ed.) I was really pleased to learn this spring that multiple copies of this memoir were being circulated through the Pulitzer Committee at Columbia University in New York. They only nominate three books in several categories and one winner in each. I dismissed it as some sort of fluke until I received a personal invitation from the committee to submit a book published in 2014. Alas, there won't be one written of Pulitzer quality and, even though I have two biographies backed up, I'm pretty much through with this genre.

"Hi, it is me, thanks for reading this stuff. One of the perks of writing is to offer other authors thoughtful and critical reviews of their work. I do this often for the opportunity to place a blurb on a back cover. This man shocked me by placing my book review on his title page. A high compliment indeed.  Tragically, we lost Steve last year to a sudden and fatal heart attack. He was a great Alaskan and a great soldier. I reprint the title page for you here."AN


Valley of the Shadow

Steven A. Knutson


Copyright 2008


Printed in the United States by Lightning Source Inc.


Dedicated to all who went before and after.  The few, the proud, the brave of all branches of Service.


No part of this book may be copied, stored digitally, transmitted electronically or used in any way, save for the explicit written permission of the Author, Steven A. Knutson and may be obtained at


Front Cover photograph, Copyright 1970, A Gift from Granny, Phu Cat Air Base, Republic of Vietnam , Steven A. Knutson


Back Cover photograph, Copyright 1969, the Author on a Munitions run with MK-82 high drag bombs, Phu Cat Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, Steven A. Knutson








Review of Valley of the Shadow


   Steven Knutson has a message for you.  Don't believe that crap you hear about America's involvement in the war in Viet Nam .


   Valley of the Shadow is crafted of machine gun prose and bayonet sharp opinion.  Knutson lays bare the culture and personalities of the Air Force enlisted man, the devious nature of American journalism and the failures of bumbling politicians as only a man who experienced the war first hand could do.


   And he doesn't mince words.  Knutson engages the reader with a clear, concise narrative with a highly visual but conventional style. You'll feel like he is confiding to you over a cold beer in a quiet corner.


   Valley of the Shadow should be required reading for anyone born after 1960.  The information he relates puts this war into clear perspective so that the reader can have a better understanding of why America didn't lose, but, instead, America failed to win.



Arlington Nuetzel, Author of 2027, New Madrid , Missouri, Murder in March Commons and Telephoto








  I would like to thank many who poked and prodded me over the years to write my experiences in Vietnam down and to many men who served with me who often reminded me of forgotten details.  Men like Ronald (Muff) Potter, James Kasper,  Jimmie Simmons, Greg Osbun, Richard (Tiny) Gelinas


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